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    May 17, 2024

    REALTOR® Grows Traffic by 700% by Leveraging Multiple .realestate Domains

    Finding innovative ways to capture leads and drive business amidst the crowded digital real estate landscape is no easy feat. Marcus Reynolds, a seasoned REALTOR® with a background in risk management and institutional transactions, recently shared his journey of success with diligence and strategic thinking. Watch the full interview below. 

    Marcus's approach to carving out his niche in the market is centered around the power of domain selection. Opting not for one, but three, .realestate domains, he strategically targets multiple markets in Colorado. Marcus was able to fully customize his Premium Plus .realestate website with separate pages for each city and point all of his domains to one single easy to manage website platform. This strategy has amplified his brand visibility and expanded his reach across various markets.

    The decision to utilize .realestate domains for these websites proved to be a game-changer for Marcus's business. Leveraging Google Analytics and incorporating Google Ads into his strategy, he witnessed a significant spike in website traffic and lead generation. Within the first week alone, organic traffic soared by 600% to 700%, setting the stage for remarkable growth.

    Marcus Reynolds sits down with Tom Bauman of ReTechnology to discuss his success with .realestate. 

    That increase in web traffic has had a tangible impact on his business. With a 40% increase in phone calls and a surge in website engagement, Marcus's investment in .realestate domains has paid for itself many times over.

    In addition to the increase in business, Marcus highlights the customization and support offered by the .realestate website platform. The seamless integration of MLS connections not only streamlines lead management, but also empowers his team of agents. With automated lead routing and round-robin distribution, Marcus ensures efficiency and transparency within his team.


    The homepage of Marcus Reynolds's .realestate website.

    On the front end of the website, customers love the information and user interface of the website. With an average website retention time of nine minutes, Marcus's clients are not just visitors but active participants in his ecosystem. The website's intuitive design keeps clients within the fold, facilitating meaningful interactions and ultimately driving business growth.

    As agents and brokers seek to elevate their tech stack and differentiate themselves in the digital landscape, Marcus's success proves that by embracing and leveraging innovative technology, anyone can unlock new avenues for growth and solidify their position in the market.

    Get your .realestate website now and watch your success soar! 

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