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    You Work Hard, Let Your Website Work For You

    Welcome to the digital forefront of home building innovation. A .realestate domain and a well-crafted website are integral tools that will elevate your business to new heights. 

    Build your online presence today in just minutes! Start by picking out your domain name below. 

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    Why Your Website Matters?

    Build your business

    Lead Generation

    Home builders can implement lead generation strategies such as contact forms and calls-to-action. Capture potential clients' information and follow up with them effectively. Build out your calendar for the year!

    Establish Credibility

    Online Presence

    An online presence is crucial and a website serves as a digital storefront where potential clients can find information about you, your services and properties. Establish credibility and legitimacy in the eyes of potential clients.


    Networking Tool

    Your new website can serve as a platform for networking and potential partnerships. It will allow you to connect with agents, lenders, investors, and other key players, expanding your business opportunities.

    Digital Marketing

    Marketing Tool

    Having a website is a fundamental component of digital marketing. Home builders can leverage SEO, social media, and other online marketing techniques to drive traffic to their website and attract more potential clients.

    Homebuilder Website Example
    Maximize Your Digital Presence

    Free Home Builder Websites!

    Our Professional Home Builder website is included free for the life of your domain! 

    • Build Your Online Presence 
    • Showcase Expertise & Workmanship
    • Up Your Marketing Game
    • Watch Your Network Grow
    • Set Yourself Apart 
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    Customized Home Builder Websites

    We've Done the Work for You!

    • Personalized Customization
    • Built-in Lead Generation
    • Customer Testimonials
    • Social Media  
    • Optimized for Top SEO
    • Hosting Included
    • Customer Service Provided
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    All .realestate domains start at $69/year and include a free Professional Website. If you already have a website you love, simply forward your new .realestate domain to your existing website. If you love our website and want to keep your .com redirect your .com address to your new website!



    Standard .realestate domains
    $69 /year
    Multi-year and multi-domain discounts available
    Premium .realestate domains
    $1,000+ /year
    Professional Website
    Free with domain
    • yes icon Lead Generating
    • yes icon SEO Optimized
    • yes icon yes iconUp and Running in Minutes
    • yes icon User-friendly Website Editor
    • yes icon Edit on the Run
    • yes icon Mobile Optimized
    • yes icon Web Dashboard
    • yes icon How-to Guides and Videos
    Premium Website
    $24.95 /month
    Save $50 with annual pricing
    • yes icon Includes All the Features of the Free Website
    • yes icon Full Website Editor Capability
    • yes icon User-friendly Video Uploading
    • yes icon Blog
    • yes icon Unlimited Customer Testimonials
    • yes icon AudioEye Integration
    • yes icon How-to Guides and Videos


    Why should I use a .realestate domain for my home builder website?

    .realestate domains offer many benefits. They immediately communicate to visitors that your website is related to real estate, which enhances your branding and credibility. They are unique and memorable, making it easier for potential clients to remember you and help you stand out in a crowded online space. You can incorporate relevant keywords into your .realestate domain name, potentially improving your website's search engine optimization (SEO) and making it easier for users to find you online.

    What if I have a .com domain I love but want your website?

    Great! Don’t lose it – add to it! The more domains and websites you have the stronger your online presence. You can always use one of our websites and redirect it to your .com address!

    I already have a website, can I still use a .realestate domain?

    Yes! You are able to forward your .realestate domain to your current website. Invest in as many .realestate domains as you desire, own that area, claim your niche – the options are endless. 

    How do I change my website template to the home builder website?

    Once you purchase a .realestate domain click "view my domains" at the top of the website. Then select: "Manage Domains" and "Manage Website Set Up." You will see on the side bar to the right or the bottom of the page (depending on your resolution) which template you currently have and how to change the template in our template picker.

    You can also use the chat box on our website or call 866-361-3029 for help. 

    Watch video that shows how to change your template here.

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    Let's Get Started!

    The first step in creating your home builder website is to register your .realestate domain. At checkout, select the best website option for your brand. Once your domain is secured, log in and switch your template to the home builder option. Need help, simply call us at 866-361-3029.