Domain Naming & Usage Rules

Below are the .realtor™ domain naming and usage rules for individual members, firms, and boards as this domain is exclusive for REALTORS®. The member name we receive is the name on record with the member’s local board.

The .realestate domain is an unrestricted top-level domain. The rules below only pertain to the .realtor™ domain.

Individual REALTOR® Domain

Example member name: Robert John Doe

Permitted Domain Names
Members must include at least their first or last name in their domain name, directly before .realtor™.

First name

Last name

Middle name must be used with first or last name

Nicknames - over 1 million common names are recognized in our system

Words or letters before the name (must be appropriate)

Numbers before or after the name,

Firm Domains

Example firm name: Cloud Real Estate

Permitted Domain Names

Formal firm name in the local board’s record.

Words or letters before the firm name (must be appropriate)

Numbers before or after the firm name,

Firms can get a domain for a name used interchangeably with their formal firm name under which they provide real estate services to clients and consumers. Firms who choose this option must be able to submit marketing proof showing use of that name.

NOT Permissible with the .realtor™ Domain

  • street addresses with or without the firm name
  • team name
  • “REALTOR” at the secondary level (before “.realtor”)
  • Members whose firms are owned, controlled or under common control of an entity whose primary business is the electronic display of real property ads may not license domain names that are substantially similar to the name of the parent or affiliate’s real property ad business.
  • Use of the domain for purposes other than providing real estate services

Board Domains

Example board name: Florida Association of REALTORS®

Permitted Domain Names

Boards can get domains that contain at least the first letter of each word in their formal firm name. It is not required to include articles (“of” or “the”) or “REALTOR(S).” This includes acronym and abbreviations

Words or letters before the board name (must be appropriate)

Numbers before or after the board name

NOT Permissible with the .realtor™ Domain
• street addresses with or without the board name
• geographic-only domain name
• name that is misleading or confusing as to the member board’s jurisdiction
• the display or link to real property ads from the domain
• Using the term REALTOR®

For more information on using the term REALTOR® on the Internet, see the Internet usage rules for the term REALTOR®. For more information about using the REALTOR® term and mark everywhere, see the Membership Marks Manual.