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    As a new member of the National Association of REALTORS®, the .realtor website is amazing! It's simple to setup and provides options to expand as my career goals.”

    The .realtor website is an important addition to my online marketing. The site was straightforward to set up, looks attractive, and has great branding.”

    We love having our website with the .realtor domain, and working through the premium website editor online is a breeze to make changes!”

    I created two websites! One for my personal use and one for my brokerage. Having websites that end in .realtor instantly lets the work know I’m a REALTOR®! ”

    The website is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the benefit that NAR offers and save money to help my agents stand out.”


    Professional Website Included!

    Our domains include a Professional Website - FREE for the life of your domain! Bid farewell to the headaches of building a real estate agent website - our selection of templates and packages are customized to meet your specific business needs. Find the perfect real estate website designed just for you!

    Already have a .com you love but want our free website? If you have a .com domain that you adore, why not enhance it by adding a .realtor and/or .realestate domain? You can easily forward your current .com to one of our exceptional websites, attracting more leads and owning your online brand!

    You Deserve a Website that Delivers

    The first step is choosing your website name. The .realtor domain uses part of your name in the name of the web address. Here is an example of how it would work for Doug Smith:


    Doug searches for a domain that has his first or last name next to .realtor


    Doug considers names like, or


    Doug decides to get creative and uses, picks his website and gets leads!

    Website Examples

    Check out how REALTORS® just like you are using our domains and websites to market their businesses. Whether you use one of our website options or forward to your current website your business will flourish with your new domain!

    What can a .realtor website do for you?

    The .realtor instantly shows the world you are a REALTOR®. Generate more leads and referrals, attract more organic traffic and set yourself apart from the competition today!


    Sets you Apart

    A .realtor domain is unique, helps you build a strong brand identity, and tells the world you’re a REALTOR®.


    Elevates Your Marketing

    Market yourself and your brand with a website that increases your professionalism, offers improved SEO, and offers you future flexibility!


    Up and Running in Minutes

    Our custom websites and templates are created with your business in mind. They are preloaded with your information and take only minutes to make your own.



    The .realtor domain is exclusively available for members, firms, and boards of the National Association of REALTORS® and the Canadian Real Estate Association and is free to Members for the 1st year!

    RIN-Website Graphics-Concierge-Option 1

    Need Help? Our Concierge Service will do it for you!

    With our Concierge Service we'll take the work out of websites.  We'll work with you to customize your website templates to meet the needs of  your business. Just complete the form, and we will reach out to arrange an appointment. Count on us to assist you every step of the way!

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    Need Help Choosing Your .realtor Name?

    Check out this video to find the .realtor domain that is right for you.  A .realtor domain uses your first name, last name or both next to the .realtor.  


    .realtor domains

    Get your .realtor domain and set yourself apart from the .COMpetition!

    .realtor domains for Individuals

    Free/first year $39.95/year after, multi-year and multi-domain discounts available
    .realtor domains for Firms

    $79/year Multi-year and multi-domain discounts available

    • Check Access all the business email functionality you need so you can focus on running your business.
    • Check Add file storage, ActiveSync, Office-compatible apps, and instant messaging.
    • Check Build your online brand with a professional presence.
    .realtor domains for Associations

    $99/year Multi-year discounts available

    .realtor domain options

    Get your .realtor domain and show the world who you are and what you do.

    .realtor Member domain .realtor Firm domain .realtor Association domain


    Hosting Included
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Domain Forwarding Available
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Free Email Forwarding
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Professional Website Included
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Multiple Website Templates Available
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Multi-year Discounts
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Customer Support
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Domain Exclusivity
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Domain Naming Restrictions
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Available to NAR and CREA Members
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Available to Brokers/Firms Using Firm/Business Name
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain
    Available to REALTOR® Association Staff and Executives
    .realtor Member domain
    .realtor Firm domain
    .realtor Association domain


    What if I have a .com domain I love but want your website?

    Great! Don’t lose it – add to it! The more domains and websites you have the stronger your online presence. You can always use one of our websites and redirect it to your .com address!

    Why can’t I get the .realtor name I want?

    The .realtor domain name you are looking for may be taken by another user or the name you are searching for doesn’t fit within the .realtor naming conventions. The .realtor domain you choose must have part of your first name or last name next to the .realtor. If the name in your M1 record and the name you are searching for doesn’t work within these rules you won’t be able to claim the domain. You can search for a .realestate domain to allow for more creativity.

    How much is the .realtor domain after the first year?

    The .realtor domain is free to NAR Members for 1 year and is $39.95 per year after the first year.

    I already have a website, can I still use a .realtor domain?

    Absolutely! You are able to forward your .realtor domain to your current website or if you have web hosting through your own provider, you can set it up by adding DNS records, such as A or CNAME records, to your zone. If you have your own name servers, you can provide NS records so your DNS can be managed elsewhere. Find out more about your options here.

    Why does it require a credit card if it is free?

    Our system necessitates a credit card for finalizing the purchase. However, you'll notice that there's no charge for the initial year, reflected as a total of zero. Although auto-renewal is enabled by default, you have the flexibility to deactivate it at your convenience.

    Additionally, you'll receive renewal notification emails prior to any charges for the subsequent year, ensuring you have ample options and reminders before any such occurrence.

    All REALTORS® receive their first year free and then your domain renews at $39.95/year if you choose to renew it. The website is free for the life of your domain.

    Buisness cards

    Launch Your .realtor Website for Free Today!

    Take your online brand to the next level using a free website ending in .realtor. Setup takes minutes and it’s super easy to customize to fit your brand.