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    Our Customers Said It Best

    Don't take it from us. Let our customers illustrate the impact the .realtor and .realestate domains and websites have had on their businesses!

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    .realtor Customer Spotlight

    Britt Guimond


    Britt is a Denver, CO-based REALTOR® with boutique brokerage, West and Main Homes. “The .realtor extension lends credibility to my website,” she says. “It’s like .gov or .edu, which are vetted entities. A site can’t have those extensions unless they are what they say they are. It’s very obvious what .realtor represents.”

    Check out Britt's site:

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    .realestate Customer Spotlight

    Lisa Kunkel


    Lisa, a REALTOR® with Keller Williams Realty in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area, saw .realestate as a slam dunk for SEO. “The name of your website factors into SEO, so if you have ‘real estate’ in your URL, that is a very good thing,” she says. Lisa opted to secure URLs with the name of her hometown, Cranberry Township. She chose both and to maximize her presence in search results.

    Check out Lisa's site:


    More from Britt and Lisa on the benefits of .realtor and .realestate

    Everyday Triumphs

    Discover the transformative power .realtor and .realestate domains can have on your business from our customers' perspective.

    Kathleen Freeman

    "My .realtor domain aligns seamlessly with my branding across all online and offline marketing materials. It reinforces my identity as a REALTOR® and makes it easier for clients to remember my website."

    Josh Burnett

    “Thank you for the opportunity to gain an enhanced level of credibility for my brand and business! The system makes setting up and using my new .realtor domain and site extremely easy!”

    Julia Uberty

    "Setting up my .realtor website was easy and super user-friendly! It provides an easy way to integrate my buyer and seller systems so potential clients can get a look at what it would be like to work with me. The website has also helped with SEO when people are searching my name or for a Utah REALTOR®."

    Valerie Bennett

    “I love the service from NAR associates for my .realestate website setup & maintenance! They've given me the freedom to express myself in the tech world and track my site's views.”

    Amy Cesario

    “My .realestate web address is easy to remember and has greatly increased my online visibility and credibility!”

    Val Nicole Clark

    “This website is top-notch functional and beautiful. It was quick to set up and ready to use. It’s helping me build my brand right from the start.”

    Brian Howard

    "I love the .realtor site. Setup is simple. The customer support service is amazing. I’ve setup small sites in the past for prior pursuits and one always runs into little challenges or surprises. There weren’t any here. The default setup is usable and easy to modify. The few questions I’ve had were quickly answered. This is a great starter kit, and they have a path forward for those that want to take their web presence even further."

    Melody Perkins

    "The Free Professional Website looks professional and is easy to use. It allows you to navigate through each section and make the changes you desire to customize to you. It doesn’t take several weeks as most websites but only a matter of minutes to an hour depending on how intricate you’d like to get. This website makes you look like a business owner instead of a hobby owner."

    Kimberley Blair

    "Using a .realtor domain for my business has been a game-changer. The ease of use and the seamless integration with my website have streamlined my online presence. Having a professional domain not only adds credibility but also makes it easy to refer clients to a polished website and email, eliminating any hassle. It has significantly enhanced my business image and client interaction."


    "When introducing my brand, having the .realtor extension in both my emails and my website increases client confidence in engaging with my business! I love it and every opportunity I get while working with fellow REALTORS®, I share my wonderful experience with them."


    "My .realtor domain has made it easy to quickly tell someone how to get a hold of me when I’m out and about in the community!"


    "My new website was up and running quickly, it's easy to edit, and it's doubled my leads this month."


    "As a new REALTOR®, I am thankful for the option to promote myself and reach potential clients through a industry-specific domain. The site only took a few minutes to set up and I have been modifying as I have updated information. It's a great asset to add to my toolbox for success."


    "I like the professionalism that the .realtor domain signifies. It means I am serious and proud about my business and profession."


    "I strongly believe that adopting a .realtor domain for our business is a testament to our professionalism. It not only adds a touch of authenticity but also provides a clear and concise message about the nature of our business. The .realtor extension immediately communicates to our clients and prospects that we are dedicated real estate professionals, establishing a strong and trustworthy online presence."


    "I use both the .realtor and .realestate domains and they have had a positive impact on my business. While the residential real estate industry continues to be over-stimulated with various advertising methods, these domains provided by NAR help a consumer understand and trust the REALTOR® they are connecting with online."


    "I’m thrilled to share my positive experience with this hosting site! The customer service is truly exceptional – responsive, helpful, and always willing to go the extra mile. The training provided is not only thorough but also timely, ensuring I’m well-equipped to make the most of the platform. As a beginner, the site’s user-friendly interface has been a game-changer for me, making navigation a breeze."


    "The .realtor domain has a certain prestige that goes along with it -- one word says it all!"

    In Their Own Words

    Experience the authenticity of our customer testimonials as they share their personal stories, providing an unfiltered and genuine perspective on the impact of our domains and websites.

    My business has exploded since getting my .realtor site up and running! I can now be found by prospective clients when they conduct a basic search for a REALTOR®️ in San Diego.”

    – Raymond Grant, REALTOR®

    I would highly recommend it to other professionals in the real estate industry because it's the best way to build your brand. The .realtor website offers a user-friendly interface that makes everything very easy and if needed, their customer support is amazing!”

    – Marita Gonzalez, REALTOR®

    I just switched my website to the .realtor Premium Plus option. I am really happy that I did. The website is very easy to build and use. The best thing about it is that we can connect it to any IDX and people can search properties right on my website. The website is very easy to navigate and not complicated at all. The new features introduced are very customer friendly.”

    – Karuna Singhvi, REALTOR®

    I have been very happy with my .realestate domain! I have found that it raises eyebrows when I communicate my email address and I think being set apart from the .com and .net crowd has really given me a professional edge of distinction.”

    – Chris Van Slyke, REALTOR®

    Switching to has been a game-changer. Leveraging the .realestate and .realtor domains not only elevated our online presence but also significantly enhanced our brand's credibility and visibility in the competitive real estate market. The seamless process and advanced features offered have empowered us to connect with our clients more effectively and showcase our listings with unparalleled clarity and impact.”

    – Marcus Reynolds, REALTOR®
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