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    FREE websites ending in .realtor™ and .realestate

    .com is overrated

    Tell your clients exactly who you are and what you do with a website ending in .realtor™ and .realestate–and attract more leads! Start by getting your .realestate and .realtor™ domains today.

    Exclusively for NAR & CREA Members

    For Anyone

    Build Your Online Brand

    A website is crucial when you’re in the industry — but .com isn’t always the best option. Establish credibility, build trust, and generate more leads with a FREE .realtor™ or .realestate website that sets you apart.

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    .realtor™ and .realestate Domains

    NAR & CREA members receive a .realtor™ domain FREE for the first year and your new domain includes a Professional Website. Replacing your .com with a .realtor™ helps you own/build your brand online and gets your instant recognition and respect.

    A .realestate domain, open to everyone,  includes a Professional Website. It connects you to the real estate industry, helps you market yourself and your business or niche, and sets you apart from the .COMpetition. 

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    The Website That’s Right for You!

    All of our domains include a Professional Website designed for REALTORS® and industry professionals.

    We’ve taken the hard work out of website creation, developing multiple templates and packages to meet your business needs. We’ve got the perfect website for you! 

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    The Tools You Need Now!

    Keep your business moving with the tools and resources you need to support your online presence. We have all the tools you need like a branded email that matches your website name in one place. 

    Find email, calendaring, and contact management options to help you work more efficiently, manage documents, and so much more.

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    Sets You Apart

    .realtor™ and .realestate domains are unique and help you build a strong brand identity.


    Elevates Your Marketing

    Market yourself and your brand with a website that increases your professionalism, improves your SEO, and offers you future flexibility!


    Up and Running in Minutes

    Our custom websites and templates are created with your business in mind. They come preloaded with your information and take just minutes to make your own.



    .realtor™ domains are limited to members, firms, and boards of the National Association of REALTORS® and the Canadian Real Estate Association. The exclusive individual .realtor™ domain is free to Members for the first year!

    See What Customers Are Saying

    Find out how REALTORS® and industry professionals just like you are taking advantage of the .realtor™ and .realestate domains, and how their web addresses are helping them level up and boost their business.

    I created two websites! One for my personal business use and one for my brokerage. Having websites that end in .realtor™… instantly lets the world know I’m a REALTOR®.”

    The .realtor™ website is an important addition to my online marketing. The site was straightforward to set up, looks attractive, and has great branding.”

    The website is top-notch, functional and beautiful. It was quick to set up and ready to use. It’s helping me build my brand right from the start.”

    My geographic domain name connects me not only to the community I market to, but the industry I’m physically in. My clients love it and remark on how they immediately knew exactly what I do (real estate) and where I do it (in Napa).”

    My business has exploded since getting my .realtor™ site up and running! I had my own domain for years but was not getting enough exposure. New agents just starting out, this is the answer, get your .realtor™ website and stand out to your prospects.”

    What’s Included?

    Our websites have all you need to get up and running fast — you don’t need any technical skills to create or manage them. They’re made with ADA in mind and include SSL certificates along with free hosting!


    Up and Running in Minutes

    All websites and templates are built for real estate professionals and require no tech skills to update. You can be up and running within minutes.


    Hosting Included

    Hosting fees are included for all templates and websites — and include free website forwarding.


    Optimized for Google Search

    Websites are fully optimized for SEO, ensuring maximum visibility and ranking potential in search engine results.

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    Register Your .realtor™ and .realestate domains today!

    Build your brand online with a .realtor™ domain and forge new connections with homebuyers, sellers, and investors by claiming Claim both today!