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    Stand Out & Get More Leads

    Elevate Your Brand

    Elevate your market presence as an expereinced REALTOR® by creating a .realtor website that showcases your unique brand and professional skills.

    Get started by selecting a domain name to launch your website in minutes!


    It’s increased my website organic traffic 600%, office phone calls increased 40%, and the average time spent on my website is 9 minutes - I’d say it works well! ”

    Using a .realtor website for my business has been a game-changer. It not only adds credibility, but also makes it easy to refer clients to a polished website and email. It has significantly enhanced my business image and client interaction.”

    Setting up my .realtor website was easy and super user-friendly! The website has helped with SEO when people are searching my name or for a Utah REALTOR®.”

    – Julia Uberty, REALTOR®

    The appeal of the .realtor website is in the namesake. Having a .realtor website is just the smart thing to do.”

    Expand Your Web Presence

    A .realtor website can help you strengthen your online brand. It stays with you throughout your career, helps you get found faster, and sets you apart.


    Benefits to Your Business

    First impressions are crucial, and a .realtor domain boosts your image, attracting clients and solidifying your status as an industry leader.

    Boost your visibility—search engines prioritize industry-specific domains like .realtor, making you more discoverable to potential clients and keeping you competitive.

    Group Copy 2 OWN YOUR BRAND
    A .realtor domain ensures lifelong client retention and a unique online presence, regardless of your career moves.

    See Example Website

    Build & Enhance Your Online Brand!

    Upgrading to a .realtor website can significantly enhance your professional image, setting you apart as a dedicated and credible real estate professional. This platform is specifically designed for REALTORS®, reinforcing your commitment to the highest industry standards.

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    Website Features

    We've taken the work out of websites! Enjoy:

    • Lead Generating
    • SEO Optimized
    • Up and Running in Minutes
    • User-friendly Website Editor
    • Edit on the Run
    • Mobile Optimized
    • Web Dashboard
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    Affordable Upgrade Options

    Premium & Premium Plus Website Options

    Elevate your online presence with our Premium or Premium Plus websites. Premium sites get 2.5x more traffic.

    • Multi-Page Website Template including blogs and videos
    • Affordable! Starts at $24.95/month!
    • Optimized for SEO
    • Audio Eye - ADA Platform
    • Full Customization Capabilities

    Pick Your Website Name

    The first step is choosing your website name. The .realtor domain uses part of your name in the name of the web address. Here is an example of how it would work for Doug Smith:


    Doug searches for a domain that has his first or last name next to .realtor™


    Doug considers names like, or


    Doug decides to get creative and uses He sets up his new website and watches the leads roll in!

    RIN-Website Graphics-Concierge-Option 1
    Let Us Do It All!

    Concierge Service

    Let us do all the work for you! A new concierge service is now available! Simply fill out the form, and we will call you to schedule your appointment. We will help you from start to finish!

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    Sets you Apart

    A .realtor domain is unique, helping you build an even stronger brand, and it tells the world you’re a REALTOR®.


    Elevates Your Marketing

    Market yourself and your brand with a domain that increases your professionalism, improves your SEO, and offers you future flexibility!



    The .realtor domain is exclusively available to members of the National Association of REALTORS® and the Canadian Real Estate Association and is free for the first year!


    Be Up & Running In Minutes

    Our custom websites and templates are created with your business in mind. They are preloaded with your information and take only minutes to make your own.


    Need Help Choosing Your .realtor Name?

    Check out this video to find the .realtor domain that is right for you.


    .realtor domain pricing

    Get your .realtor website and set yourself apart from the .COMpetition! NAR & CREA members receive the first year free. The Professional Website is included free for the life of your domain.

    .realtor domains for Individuals

    Free/first year $39.95/year after, multi-year and multi-domain discounts available

    • Check Gmail account with custom email to match your website domain
    • Check Cloud-based, no installation needed
    • Check Advanced security and admin features
    • Check 30GB of Storage
    • Check Ease of mind with 24/7 support
    • Check View and access all communications, files, and contracts from a single space


    What if I already have a .com I love?

    Already have a .com but want our website? If you have .com domain that you adore, why not enhance it by adding a .realtor and/or .realestate domain? You can easily redirect your current .com to one of our exceptional websites, creating a seamless online presence for your real estate business! 

    I already have a website, can I still use a .realtor domain?

    Absolutely! You are able to forward your .realtor domain to your current website or if you have web hosting through your own provider, you can set it up by adding DNS records, such as A or CNAME records, to your zone. If you have your own name servers, you can provide NS records so your DNS can be managed elsewhere. Find out more about your options here.

    Is there a member benefit?

    NAR & CREA members receive a .realtor domain FREE for the first year ($39.95/year after) and your new domain always includes a Professional Website.

    A .realtor domain enhances your online brand, instantly gaining recognition and respect and it's available exclusively to REALTORS®.

    Why can’t I get the .realtor name I want?

    The .realtor domain name you are looking for may be taken by another user or the name you are searching for doesn’t fit within the .realtor naming conventions. The .realtor domain you choose must have part of your first name or last name next to the .realtor. If the name in your M1 record and the name you are searching for doesn’t work within these rules you won’t be able to claim the domain. You can search for a .realestate domain to allow for more creativity.

    How much is the .realtor domain after the first year?

    The .realtor domain is free to NAR Members for 1 year and is $39.95 per year after the first year and will automatically renew.

    Why is a credit card required?

    Our system necessitates a credit card for finalizing the purchase. However, you'll notice that there's no charge for the initial year, reflected as a total of zero. Although auto-renewal is enabled by default, you have the flexibility to deactivate it at your convenience.

    Additionally, you'll receive renewal notification emails prior to any charges for the subsequent year, ensuring you have ample options and reminders before any such occurrence.

    All REALTORS® receive their first year free and then your domain renews at $39.95/year if you choose to renew it. The website is free for the life of your domain.


    Get Your Free .realtor™ domain

    Take your online brand to the next level using a free website ending in .realtor. Setup takes minutes and it’s super easy to customize to fit your brand.