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    May 30, 2024

    How a .realtor™ Domain Can Benefit REALTORS®

    Your website and domain can set the tone for your brand as a REALTOR®.

    We know anyone can buy a .com or .ca, but thanks to a partnership with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), only REALTORS®, boards/associations and REALTOR® member brokerages/offices can create a .realtor domain.

    CREA members can create a .realtor domain for free. After the first year, the annual fee is $39.95 USD. Domains include a customizable landing page for the life of the domain.

    Did you know? In 2020, NAR reported 97% of all home buyers were using the internet in their home search.

    Boost visibility

    Have you heard of search engine optimization (SEO)? When people are looking for a REALTOR® on Google, or other search engine, they’re likely to search a term like “Toronto REALTORS®” (or whichever location you’re working in). This makes the term “REALTOR®” a high value keyword that, when included in a domain name, can help propel your page to the top of a potential client’s search results.

    “It has helped increase my ranking on Google,” says Vinay Jindal, a sales representative and REALTOR® in Surrey, British Columbia.

    An affordable option

    The .realtordomain is free for the first year and includes a customizable landing page for the lifetime of your domain. This allows you to invest the funds you would’ve spent on your website on other marketing tools or business development opportunities.

    Demonstrate your professionalism

    Designing a sleek and user-friendly website is time-consuming and can be costly. The customizable landing page you receive when signing up for a .realtordomain gives you that time back without sacrificing the quality of your web presence, demonstrating your professionalism to potential clients.

    Build trust with potential clients

    The REALTOR® brand sets you apart. It identifies you as a member of CREA who accepts and respects a strict Code of Ethics, and is required to meet consistent professional standards of business practice which is the consumer’s assurance of integrity. Having a .realtor domain helps consumers see you as part of the REALTOR® brand, and someone they can trust with one of the most important purchases they’ll ever make.

    “I have consistently used this domain name for many years and it has provided a solid branding tool for me,” says Lynn White, a broker and REALTOR® from Cornwall, Ontario.

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