Why get a .realtor™ and .realestate domain?

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Build Your Brand - And Your Business

Make your personal brand recognizable
Building your brand is the key to cultivating clients and to exponential business growth. According to the most recent NAR Member Profile, 67% of REALTORS® leave their firms within eight years. Make sure the ROI on your reputation is yours, and yours alone.
Let them know who YOU Are and what YOU Do!
Leverage the power of the REALTOR® brand with a .realtor™ web address and Professional Website, and make your mark with an online presence that positions you as the go-to expert homebuyers recognize instantly and can trust.
Stand out against the .competition
Create an online presence with a professional web address, website and free forwarding email address that positions you upfront as the go-to professional in your community.

Professional Websites!

Modern, responsive websites that showcases your real estate expertise, specializations, and generates more leads! All .realtor™ and .realestate web addresses come with a Professional Website for the life of your domain.

Want more? We offer fully customizable, multipage websites for only $24.95/month. Already have a site? Redirect your .realtor™ domain to it.

NEW! Now your Professional Website comes in a variety of templates; Residential, Commercial, Spanish, Firm & more!

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Professional Domains and Websites

Build your trust and credibility online with professional web addresses and Professional Websites brought to you by the National Association of REALTORS®.

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Build Your Brand Online

Professional .realtor™  Domains For Your Brand

Stand Out from the .competition

.realestate domains For everything you do

Already have a real estate website or building a new one?

Connect your website's custom Domain Name System (DNS) records to your .realtor domain. You can also forward your .realtor to an existing address such as:

  • An existing .com or .net
  • Your profile on your brokerage firm site
  • Real estate business social media profile
  • Real estate blog

Join thousands of REALTORS®. Get your .realtor domain and webpage.

Keep business moving.


Business Tools

Add on-the-go business tools with Google Workspace and work more efficiently. This includes Professional Gmail, 30GB of storage and more.

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A .realtor™ domain sets you apart from all the other ‘agents’ out there.

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