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    Neighborhood Websites

    Get found online as the "go-to" agent in your area by using our neighborhood specific website template!


    Claim Your Area

    Utilizing the strength of hyper-local marketing is a powerful way to position yourself as the top real estate expert in your area. Whether you're  sharing valuable market insights or offering expert advice, your personalized neighborhood website is key in showcasing your knowledge to potential clients. And now, creating your new neighborhood website has never been easier with our simplified process!

    Start by securing your .realestate domain

    A neighborhood-specific .realestate domain, or web address, emphasizes your specialization in that particular market.

    Examples include:


    The first step in creating your free neighborhood website is to secure your .realestate domain. Add the perfect domain to your shopping cart, check out, and your website will instantly be built for you! 

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    Benefits to Your Business

    A neighborhood website demonstrates
    you have detailed knowledge of the unique features of the area. Potential clients look to you for the inside scoop on local market conditions, pricing trends, community development plans, neighborhood amenities, and even school ratings.

    Group Copy GROWTH
    Easily attract more high-quality leads looking to buy or sell in the area. A neighborhood website shows qualified potential customers you have the expertise to serve them most effectively in your market. 

    Group Copy 2 ENHANCED SEO
    Search engines prioritize local search results but it takes years to establish a high organic ranking. A neighborhood website instantly optimizes your visibility in searches, helping you reach potential clients looking for properties in your specific area.


    Easy Steps to Edit Your Neighborhood Website

    Our neighborhood website is a valuable resource tailored to enhance your online presence and community engagement.

    Watch this short video to see how easy it is to start using it today.

    Helpful Resources for Editing your Neighborhood Website

    You've chosen the Neighborhood Website -- now what? With our user-friendly interface, updating your website with up-to-date stats, data, and insights about your community is simple!

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    Update Your Neighborhood Website

    Updating your website with local neighborhood information has never been easier. Below are examples of resources you can pull from for the most detailed and accurate content. 

    Realtors Property Resource® (RPR)
    Industry experts using our neighborhood website have found the National Association of REALTORS'
    ® RPR data platform to be a valuable tool in finding neighborhood data to strengthen their website content. RPR encompasses neighborhood data on housing, demographics, economics, and quality of life and is free for members! 

    Local Government Websites
    Many local government websites offer valuable data on neighborhoods, including information on demographics, a variety of statistics, school districts, and zoning regulations. This data is reliable and up-to-date, making it a great starting point. The Village of Winnetka, IL is a great example!

    Online Real Estate Portals 
    Websites like Zillow and offer a wealth of information on neighborhoods, including home values, school ratings, local amenities, etc. Because this data may not always be as comprehensive as data from local sources, we recommend gathering information for a few different sources. 

    AI Tools for REALTORS® 
    There are several AI tools that can assist you with generating neighborhood-specific website content. 
    Quantarium is one example of a tool that analyzes market trends, demographics, property values, and provides actionable insights. 

    Finally, you don't have to be a professional copy writer to create great website copy! AI-powered writing assistants like ChatGPT can help generate catchy headlines, craft persuasive property descriptions, and fine-tune the overall tone and style of your website.  

    A Neighborhood Website and Domain Go Hand in Hand

    Once you've chosen your ideal domain, your neighborhood website is free for the life of your domain.


    Be Up & Running In Minutes

    Secure your domain and instantly start building your online brand with your new custom website!


    No Tech Skills Required

    We’ve taken the work out of websites! Your new website is easy to customize, no coding or tech skills necessary. Skill level = easy!


    Pre-Written and Personalized

    We save you time with pre-written content that can be easily customized to reflect your unique brand and services. Make your website truly yours by adding your brand elements such as logo, color scheme, and fonts.

    Edit On The Run

    Easily update and make changes to your website even when you're on the go, ensuring it always reflects the latest information about your business.

    .realestate domains

    The first step in owning your local real estate market.

    Standard .realestate domains

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    Premium .realestate domains

    $1,000+/year Premium domains are highly valuable and crafted to resonate with your target audience. is an example.

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    Why should I use a .realestate domain for my real estate website?

    .realestate domains offer many benefits. They immediately communicate to visitors that your website is related to real estate, which enhances your branding and credibility. They are unique and memorable, making it easier for potential clients to remember you and help you stand out in a crowded online space. You can incorporate relevant keywords into your .realestate domain name, potentially improving your website's search engine optimization (SEO) and making it easier for users to find you online.

    Does my .realestate domain have to be neighborhood specific in order for me to use the neighborhood website?

    Not at all! Choose any available domain that meets the needs of your business. The neighborhood website is complementary to any domain name. 

    How do I change my website template to the neighborhood website?

    Once you purchase a .realestate domain click "view my domains" at the top of the website. Then select: "Manage Domains" and "Manage Website Set Up." You will see on the side bar to the right or the bottom of the page (depending on your resolution) which template you currently have and how to change the template in our template picker.

    You can also use the chat box on our website or call 866-361-3029 for help. 

    Watch video to show you how to change your template here.