Why get a .realtor™ web address?

REALTORS® Top 3 Reasons to get a .realtor™ web address:

1. Brand Yourself as a REALTOR®

2. Consumer Recognition

3. Increases Credibility 

Stand out against the .COMpetition and increase leads with a .realtor™ web address! 


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Build Your Brand - And Your Business

Make your personal brand recognizable
Building your brand is the key to growth. According to the most recent NAR Member Profile, 63% of REALTORS® leave their firms within 5 years. Make sure the ROI on your reputation is yours, and yours alone.
Let them know who YOU Are and what YOU Do!
Leverage the power of the REALTOR® brand with a .realtor™ and .realestate web address and free website. Make your mark with an online presence that positions you as the go-to expert clients recognize instantly and can trust.
Stand out against the .competition
Create an online presence with a professional web address, website and free forwarding email address that positions you upfront as the go-to professional in your community.

Top Level Domains

Who really needs another domain name? You do.

  • A name consistent to the service you are selling promotes trust
  • Differentiates you from your competition
  • Helps clients find you easier


Your web address not only captures who you want it to represent, but also what industry or niche market you are a part of, helping you get found online. 


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Why get a .realestate™ web address?

TOP 3 REASONS TO GET A .realestate web address

1. Instant Industry Recognition

2. Showcase Your Geographical Territory

3. Build Your Online Brand

Increase the traffic and exposure to your website with a .realestate web address today!


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Professional Websites Included!

All web addresses include a Professional Website


  • Customized For You
  • Up & Running in Minutes
  • User-Friendly Editor 
  • Lead Generating  
  • Optimized for Google Search Results


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Keep business moving.


Business Tools

Addition Benefits of having a .realtor™ and .realestate include our business tool offerings! 

Add on-the-go business tools like Professional Email Platforms for as low as $3/month.

Or take advantage of our Free email forwarding to present a professional email address to your clients! 

Check out some of our offerings below! 


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Only REALTORS® can own a .realtor web address – an exclusive opportunity that sets you apart! Claim your .realtor™ web address and Professional Website, and join thousands of REALTORS® who are already seeing success and boosting their business!