How to Set Up Your Email

Learn how to build your online presence by setting up professional email, email forwarding, and more.

Professional Email powered by Rackspace

Everything you need for your new online identity. Business-class email, calendaring, and contact management that's private, secure, and professional.

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Instructions To Set-up Professional Email from our site FAQ:

G Suite from Google Cloud

Receive a custom email address and inbox, 30gb online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more when you add G Suite to truly build your online presence.

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Instructions To Set-up G-Suite from our site FAQ:

Email Forwarding with Your .realtor Domain

(included, one per domain)


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Email forwarding is available to any domain that is not using custom name servers or has existing email provider.

Clients and prospects can email you using an email address that looks more professional than a Gmail or yahoo address and one that uses your .realtor domain. You could go from to Great for your business cards!

Ex: Bob can choose an email address for his new .realtor domain, He chooses (you choose what comes before the @ sign; “info” is just an example).

Inbound: A Free email forwarding service

(receive inbound emails to an existing email address)


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Can I send emails from my personalized email address using your email forwarding service?

Our free email forwarding service only allows you to receive messages to your personalized email address. All email messages are forwarded to the email account listed in the email forwarding setup. You will respond to emails with your primary email account.

If you'd like to have a full email account with your personalized domain, check out our paid email services from Google Workspace or Professional Email by Rackspace.