How to Set Up Your Domain and Website

Learn how to create an account and claim a domain.

Complete Your Domain Website Setup

We offer a number of options, from free to deeply discounted IDX website building tools to U.S. members to more advanced options including custom DNS. Once your domain is ready, select from one of these website setup options:

1. Redirect Your URL - Forward your domain to another url such as your .com, .net, Facebook page, agent profile on your firm's website or your blog

2.® Profile Website (.realtor™ domain only) - Free for individual U.S. members

3. Placester® Website - Placester® is a REALTOR Benefits® Program Partner(.realtor™ domain only) offering 3 tiers of IDX website options available to members at deeply discounted prices.

4. Custom Website - Set up your own custom website to be hosted here.

What is on my site if I have not set it up? When someone visits your website, they will see our default parked page.

Option 1: Redirect (aka Forward) Your URL

We’ll redirect your domain to the website URL you place here. Make sure to start with "https:// " or "http://"


(Website Forwarding image from My Domains>Manage Domain>Manage Website Setup>”Select” Forward my site to another URL)

Option 2: Connect your® profile website

Already have a® agent profile? Use your .realtor™ as the web address. If you haven’t yet completed your agent profile on®, when you select this option you’ll receive an email with instructions for setting it up. To power up your profile or contact® support visit:


(® Profile Website Offering image from My Domains>Manage Domain>Manage Website Setup> Option: Use your free® profile website)

Option 3: Create your A Placester® website, A REALTOR Benefits® Program Partner (.realtor™ domain only)

REALTORS® enjoy special pricing on Placester® websites through the National Association of REALTORS®' REALTOR Benefits® Program. Placester® offers real estate websites for all U.S. members. You’ll need to create an account with Placester® first, then you can select Placester® option from your manage your website section of your account to link your Placester® site with your .realtor™ domain.

Option 4: Make your domain your primary address

If you have your own name servers, you can provide DNS records.


(Custom Website Set-up image from My Domains>Manage Domain>Manage Website Setup>”Select” Use custom name servers)

Advanced settings

Host your domain through your own provider. Set it up by adding DNS records to your zone.


(Custom Website Set-up image from My Domains>Manage Domain>Manage Website Setup>Option: Already have your own web hosting? ”Advanced DNS”)

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