Why did NAR apply for the TLDs .realtor™ and .realestate?

The online world has started to separate into content and by industry with the growth of top-level domains. .realtor™ and the globally recognized term real estate were important for NAR to secure for the future of real estate online.

The .realtor™ top-level domain makes it easier for homebuyers, sellers, and investors to locate a REALTOR®, the trusted valued source of real estate information, resources, and services online. NAR believes the new .realtor™ domain name creates a more positive experience for consumers who are seeking real estate information and services and want to ensure they are working with a REALTOR®, a real estate professional committed to a strict Code of Ethics.

While .realtor™ provides a home base on the internet for REALTORS®, firms, and boards, .realestate is free of restrictions and provides limitless options for those in the real estate industry to market their areas of expertise.

Given the Internet’s convenience and round-the-clock accessibility, REALTORS® know that every year a growing number of consumers turn to and rely upon the Internet as a source of information. According to NAR research, nearly nine out of ten recent buyers used the Internet in their home search process.

NAR’s Strategic Business, Innovation and Technology Management Group through its wholly owned subsidiary the REALTORS Information Network (RIN), and in partnership with Second Generation, Ltd (Second Gen), have brought you the .realtor™ and .realestate top-level domains.

The entities, Real Estate Domains LLC (RED) and Dot Real Estate LLC (DRE) were created for the sole purpose of operating the .realtor™ and .realestate top-level domains, respectively.