What are geographic domain names?

Geographic domain names are domain names that refer to a particular location. This may include a place, neighborhood, city, county, state, street address, zip code, area code, or a combination thereof. Members may use geographic terms before their name in a .realtor™ domain and may also be permitted to use a geographic term that is already part of their name. Street addresses will not be permitted.
.realestate – if available, geographic domains can be registered. Some may be available at a premium price and others may be available at our standard price as outlined on our Pricing page.

.realtor™ - use of a geographical area is permitted within a domain name
Example of a permitted .realtor™ domain name with geographic term: newyorksteve.realtor
Example of a non-permitted .realtor™ domain name with geographic term: newyork.realtor

Visit the Domain Naming & Usage Rules page for more ideas.