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Tips for Digital Branding

Tip #1 - Use What You Have

Before investing time and money in new apps and tools, review what you use today. Assess whether it makes sense to continue to use those tools or, if there is a way to use them better.

When it comes to marketing, ask yourself:

  • Do people know I’m a REALTOR®?
  • What am I known for in my market?
  • Do people remember me and what I do for a living?
  • What area do I specialize in? (e.g., property type, a specific city or community, client focus)
  • Am I known by my first name? Full name?
  • Is there something new that can help me better accomplish my goals?

Answering these questions is the first step in understanding your presence in the digital world.

With the .realtor™ web address, you easily remind prospects that you are a REALTOR®, and what you specialize in-- no hard sell required!

Tip #2 - Keep it Simple

Make it simple for people to find you and learn about the real estate services you provide, like with a .realtor™ web address. This, along with actively updating the content on your website, having relevant content and meta tags, will result in increased SEO for your brand, keeping you top-of-mind with current and potential clients who know the types of services and expertise you provide.

Example: Search for “Kathleen Freeman, REALTOR®”. You will find that there are a few REALTORS® with this full name, but Kathleen from Arkansas appears at the top, with her RE/MAX profile and her .realtor™ domain,

Tip #3 - Know the True Costs

Buying a digital product may be more costly than you think due to additional features or add-on services, so make sure you consider all costs before purchase.

Most REALTORS® on median spent $80 a year to maintain a website according to the NAR 2016 Member Profile. This means that although a .com or .net web addresses start at $9.99, customers end up spending more to have a functioning website that is mobile friendly, includes their listings, and provides buying and selling information.

The .realtor™ web address, offers 2 free website options for individual US members, bringing total cost for the first year to $0 (web address is free for the first year, one per member), and $39.95 for every year after! Learn more about the discounted .realtor™ website options (U.S. only) here.

Tip #4 - Keep Doing What You are Great at

We already know you are great at being a REALTOR®, but what other services do you provide that you pride yourself on? People remember us for what we are good at so embrace what makes clients want to hire you and bring that out when you connect with your spheres.

Do you offer outstanding customer services? Tell them how. Do you negotiate better than anyone in town? Prove it! People who believe in you and your business need to be reminded of all the great reasons they should work with you.

You can use keywords to describe what you are great at before your name in the .realtor™ web address:

Example domain names:

Tip #5 - Be Open to Learning Something New

Expand your knowledge and abilities. Start by learning something new and seeing how that can better your business goals.