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.realtor™ Myths

Myth#1 - My new web address will end in®

FALSE. Your web address will end in .realtor™, which replaces .com. This part of the URL is called the top-level domain (TLD) and comes after the last dot in the URL. .realtor™ is a top-level domain, like .com and .net.


Myth #2 - The FREE .realtor™ domains are sold out

FALSE. Every member receives one FREE .realtor™ domain for one year. So if you haven’t claimed yours yet, go to

Once you claim your .realtor™ domains, don’t forget to incorporate it into your marketing materials, such as on business cards, in your client communications, and on listing and open house collateral.


Myth #3 - Other industries aren’t changing from .com

FALSE. Over 1,200 new TLDs have been approved and more are expected. There are 21.1 million web addresses that are using these new TLDs since they launched 2014.

Technology - branded

Google’s environment or blog site, you’ll have to search for .google, not .com or .net.  


How about Amazon’s Web Services? You will end up at their newly branded tld, ending in .aws at

Canon’s global site:


Myth #4 - The .realtor™ domain only allows me to market my name and that doesn’t have much value.

FALSE. REALTORS®, like other Internet users, often create domain names using their name alone or along with a combination of local or real estate keywords. Your name is your brand. Why wouldn’t you market it?

See what other REALTORS® are doing with their .realtor™:


Myth #5 – .realtor™ is too pricey.

FALSE. You can’t beat the fact that your first domain is FREE for one year plus you get a FREE® profile website. You can save up to 40% on multi-year and multi-domain purchases too!

Here is where you can find more on pricing:


Myth #6 – It’s really hard to claim your .realtor™.

FALSE. All you need to claim your .realtor™ domain is a credit card, domain name ideas, and your active member NRDS ID (NAR) or REALTOR Link® (CREA).

Then, head to to claim.


Myth #7 – Website set up options are limited.

FALSE. There are three website options available: make the .realtor™ domain your primary web address with your own custom website, use the FREE® profile website, or redirect your .realtor™ URL to an existing web address.

For more on website options, go to:

Remember, an accurate grasp of .realtor™ means increased branding and marketing success for you.